Portrait of Bill Hall Sr., Will Hall Jr., Mrs. Harry Hall, Miss Hall, and Mrs. Bill Hall

Bill Hall Sr. (Hoon Kaw), Will Hall Jr. (Ha he ga), Mrs. Harry Hall, Miss Hall (Ay hoo sgaw wien ga), Mrs. Bill Hall (Shaw We Ga)

Portrait of Bill Hall Sr. (Hoon Kaw, standing left), Will Hall Jr. (Ha he ga, standing right), Mrs. Harry Hall (sitting right); Miss Hall (Ay hoo sgaw wien ga, sitting center) and Mrs. Bill Hall (Shaw We Ga, sitting left) photographed by Charles Van Schaick in the photographer's Black River Falls studio. Each woman wears several necklaces and skirts. Mrs. Bill Hall wears a plaid shawl around her shoulders and Miss Hall wears earrings. Bill wears a beaded breast and shoulder plate as well as a hat. His son, Will, wears a jacket, bowtie, and hat.

Location Description: 

Hooçak Nation Museum and Cultural Center