Mukurtu Midwest is a regional hub that provides support and training in Mukurtu CMS to tribal and non-tribal cultural heritage institutions in Wisconsin and the western Great Lakes. The Midwest Hub was established at WiLS in 2017 in partnership with the Center for Digital Scholarship and Curation at Washington State University with the IMLS-funded Mukurtu Hubs & Spokes initiative.

WiLS, a non-profit membership organization that facilitates collaborative projects and services in Wisconsin, is excited to continue the Mukurtu Midwest Hub work thanks to grant funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH).The three-year NEH-funded initiative, Curating Indigenous Digital Collections, funds post-graduate fellowships in knowledge preservation and language revitalization in Wisconsin Native Nations.

Mukurtu Midwest Hub staff are dedicated to a community-driven approach to preserving and sharing Indigenous heritage.

This Mukurtu Midwest site is a space for people new to Mukurtu CMS to get hands-on experience with the CMS and to learn more about its features and functions. This site is also used for training and workshops.

If you are interested in trying Mukurtu or learning more about its features and functions you can:

  • look around and explore the Mukurtu Midwest site;
  • read and watch the materials on how to use Mukurtu CMS at support.mukurtu.org
  • request a user account or contact Erin F.H. Hughes.