Mary Littlesoldier, Mandy T. Longtail, David Bow Trout Littlesoldier, and Emma Thunder Littlesoldier

Mary Littlesoldier (HoUpTchooJayWinKah), Mandy T. Longtail (WaDoHaWinKah), David Bow Trout Littlesoldier (MauJchayMauNeeKah), and Emma Thunder Littlesoldier (WePaMaKaRaWinKah)

Group portrait of Mary Littlesoldier (HoUpTchooJayWinKah, sitting left), Mandy T. Longtail (WaDoHaWinKah, sitting right), David Bow Trout Littlesoldier (MauJchayMauNeeKah, standing left), and Emma Thunder Littlesoldier (WePaMaKaRaWinKah, standing right) photographed by Charles Van Schaick in the photographer's Black River Falls studio. The three women wear shawls and Emma wears several necklaces. David wears a hat and winter coat. Mary is the mother of Mandy and David. Emma is David's wife.

Location Description: 

Hooçak Nation Museum and Cultural Center