Ho-Chunk Ladies


Photograph done by Charles Van Schiack, photographer in Black River Falls, WI. Photograph in the book, "People of the Big Voice". Photograph identified as, Addie Littlesoldier (KrunchJeKahRayWinKah) is seated between Queen Redbird Yellowbank, left, and Sally Dora Redbird Goodvillage Whitewater (WauNeekShootchWinKah) ca.1905. The two girls that are standing are cousins; their mothers are sisters. 

Cultural Narrative: 

Traditional dress of the Ho-Chunk lady. Wearing german silver brooch blouses. German silver bracelets, earrings and rings. Wampum and bone bead necklaces and regular beads for necklaces. Applique ribbonwork skirts. Hand woven belt sashes. Ho-Chunk style flap mocassins.

Traditional Knowledge: 

The young ladies of the Ho-Chunk Nation would dress up to go to town and for religious ceremonies to show they are unwed and single. The amount of wampum bead necklaces showed the wealth of one's family. At times, tribal members would use the Ho-Chunk word, "Do Ee" meaning "to show off" in some cases where the young ladies were totally overdressed.

Location Description: 

The Charles Van Schiack Photography Studio was located in the town of Black River Falls, Wisconsin. And is no longer in existence. The old photography studio building is now the Jackson County Historical Society museum.