Group Portrait of Henry Winneshiek, Edward Winneshiek, George Lonetree, John Blackhawk, and Lucy L. Wolf, Winneshiek

Henry Winneshiek (WaConChaRooNayKah), Edward Winneshiek (NaZhooMonEKah), George Lonetree (HoonchXeDaGah), John Blackhawk (NoJumpKah), and Lucy L. Wolf, Winneshiek (ShunkChunkAWinKah)

A group studio portrait photographed by Charles Van Schaick. Standing left to right: Henry Winneshiek (WaConChaRooNayKah), Edward Winneshiek (NaZhooMonEKah), and George Lonetree (HoonchXeDaGah). Seated: John Blackhawk (NoJumpKah, left) and Lucy L. Wolf, Winneshiek (ShunkChunkAWinKah, right). Henry, Edward, and George all wear suits and hats. John wears an overcoat and brimmed hat. To his left, a shawl covers Lucy's dress.

Location Description: 

Hooçak Nation Museum and Cultural Center