Group Portrait of George Lonetree, Harry Funmaker, Frank "Fred" Peter Wildrice Bearchief, and Julius Whitedog

George Lonetree (HoonchXeDaGah), Harry Funmaker (HaGaChaCooKah), Frank "Fred" Peter Wildrice Bearchief (WaGeSeNaPeKah), and Julius Whitedog (ChakShepWasKaHeKah)

A group portrait of George Lonetree (HoonchXeDaGah, standing left), Harry Funmaker (HaGaChaCooKah, standing right), Frank "Fred" Peter Wildrice Bearchief (WaGeSeNaPeKah, seated left), and Julius Whitedog (ChakShepWasKaHeKah, seated right) photographed by Charles Van Schaick in the photographer's Black River Falls studio. The four men pose in front of a painted backdrop, all wearing brimmed hats and neckties. George, Harry, and Julius each wear suit jackets while Frank wears an overcoat.

Location Description: 

Hooçak Nation Museum and Cultural Center