DELETE Group Portrait of Fannie Winneshiek, Dorothy Susie Cloud, and Susie Longmarsh

Fannie Winneshiek (We Ha Win Kah), Dorothy Susie Cloud (He Noo Kah), and Susie Longmarsh (Ha Ra Pa Win Kah)

Group portrait of Fannie Winneshiek (We Ha Win Kah, left), Dorothy Susie Cloud (He Noo Kah, center), and Susie Longmarsh (Ha Ra Pa Win Kah, right) photographed by Charles Van Schaick in the photographer's Black River Falls studio. Fannie wears a shawl and patterned blouse. She was the wife of Grey Eagle, former wife of George Thompson, and daughter of Coming Thunder Winneshiek and Wa Ra Cha Win Kah. Dorothy wears a striped dress and a bow in her hair. She is the daughter of of Abel Cloud (Wa Con Cha Pin Kah) and Susie. Susie wears a striped blouse. She is the daughter of James Long Marsh (Chajh Hay Tchaw Say Retch Kah) and Sarah Half-a-sack (Nee Zhoo Jotch Kay Win Kah).

Location Description: 

Hooçak Nation Museum and Cultural Center