Brief Ho-Chunk Language Vocabularies, Wisconsin Historical Society Archives

Turning Points in Wisconsin History Collection, held in the Wisconsin Historical Society Archives. Published electronically in 2008.

These lists of Ho-Chunk words and their English equivalents total only 26 pages and consist of the following unpublished documents:

1. Merrell, Henry. "Winnebago Dictionary." Merrell (1804-1876), a fur trader at Portage, created this list in the 1830s for his personal use; his manuscript was loaned to the Society in 1899 so this 20-page typed copy could be made; the location of the original manuscript is not known. In US Mss 6F, folder 1.

2. La Mere, Oliver. "Winnebago Words Furnished by Oliver La Mere." La Mere (1879-1930) was a leader among the Nebraska Winnebago, with close ties to Wisconsin; he provided this 5-page vocabulary to Society museum director Charles E. Brown in 1915. In Wis Mss HB (Charles E. Brown Papers), box 3 folder 1.

3. Monegar, George. "Winnebago Indian Place Names obtained by Dr. Alphonse Gerend from Chief George Monegaar..." Monegar (dates unknown) was described as a Ho-Chunk chief living at Hemlock Creek, Wood Co., Wis., when this one-page list was collected in 1930. In Wis Mss HB (Charles E. Brown Papers), box 3 folder 1.

Location Description: 

Portage, Wisconsin, Hemlock Creek, Wood County, Wisconsin, and Nebraska.